Posted by: matt25 | April 9, 2017

Don’t Read This Unless You Seek Truth 

Unless you seek to know the truth their is no reason to read this.  The truth is not always pretty and it certainly isn’t easy.  Especially if you buy into the prevailing winds of what passes for wisdom in this world.  But the truth is ultimately the only thing that sets our feet on the right path and brings us life in a way we can never experience without it.

Pope Francis focused upon that truth in his homily for Palm Sunday when he said…

“Jesus, who accepts the hosannas of the crowd, knows full well that they will soon be followed by the cry: “Crucify him!” He does not ask us to contemplate him only in pictures and photographs, or in the videos that circulate on the internet. No. He is present in our many brothers and sisters who today endure sufferings like his own: they suffer from slave labour, from family tragedies, from diseases… They suffer from wars and terrorism, from interests that are armed and ready to strike. Women and men who are cheated, violated in their dignity, discarded… Jesus is in them, in each of them, and, with marred features and broken voice, he asks to be looked in the eye, to be acknowledged, to be loved.  

It is not some other Jesus, but the same Jesus who entered Jerusalem amid the waving of palm branches. It is the same Jesus who was nailed to the cross and died between two criminals. We have no other Lord but him: Jesus, the humble King of justice, mercy and peace.”

Look Jesus in the eye.  Do not ignore him.  Ask questions, and dig deeper into the question of why he suffers and how you an I are complicit in causing or allowing his suffering to continue.  Pray for the grace and wisdom to see more truth than you you did before you read this, and for the conversion of your mind and heart which will lead you to change for good.

Posted by: matt25 | April 5, 2017

Contemplative Unity

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God… prays for us as our priest, he prays in us as our head, he is the object of our prayers as our God. Let us then recognize both our voice in his, and his voice in ours.

From a commentary on the psalms by Saint Augustine, bishop. (Ps. 85, 1: CCL 39, 1176)

Posted by: matt25 | March 19, 2017

Obstacle Schmobstacle

If your friend isn’t going to church, bring the church to them. 

Many people have to work on Sunday so they have an additional obstacle to attending a church service or becoming connected to a community of sinner/believers. If you know someone who has to work on Sundays, find a way to share your Christian faith with them during the week. After all, on one fundamental level, that is what going to church is about; sinners in need of a savior, who believe that Jesus is true God and true man, died for their sins and redeems them by his blood, who come together to share their faith and pray.

Posted by: matt25 | March 15, 2017

Before Anyone Else

“For it must be recognized that before anyone else it was God himself, the Eternal Father, who entrusted himself to the virgin of Nazareth, giving her his own Son in the mystery of the Incarnation.”

-Pope John Paul II, Redemptoris Mater, n.39

Posted by: matt25 | March 3, 2017

23 Challenges 24 Answers

Jesus said to him,” ‘If you can!’ Everything is possible to one who has faith.”  Mk 9:23

When I look at my faith, what do I see?  How much is it shaped by my ego?  Is the calling by, and my response to, God at it’s heart?  Is it deeply rooted or blown to and fro by human opinions and preferences?  Is it seeking and being drawn ever deeper by witness, word, and sacrament?  Is it a relationship of love with the ever-living God?  

“I do believe, help my unbelief!”  Mk 9:24

Posted by: matt25 | February 27, 2017

RSVP One Day At A Time

Homily for the 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

Posted by: matt25 | February 22, 2017

I Am A Promoter 

It is a historically unfortunate trait of human social behavior to use any means available to attain and keep power.  Religions are not  immune to this disease from either without or within their membership.  But every constituency must be vigilant to their own affairs to try and police their attitudes, rhetoric, and actions so as to avoid the trap of manipulation, and to pursue a path of dialog.   This is the best path to understanding, wisdom, and peace.  Other courses may feel good in the moment and have some value but, they often do little to truly advance us toward our common cause of a better world for generations to come.  

I found much to resist under the past administration and I find now that continues under the current one. But I do not self-identify as a resistor.  I am  a promoter.  I promote my values as an American citizen in order to bring my voice into the public arena.  I hope to spend my efforts building relationships and a better civilization than the one I see in mainstream and social media.  This is what I am committed to.

Posted by: matt25 | February 21, 2017

A Good Start

Do you have a busy day planned?  All the more reason to take time to pray before you tackle it.  Otherwise it may tackle you.

Posted by: matt25 | February 19, 2017

Perfectly Flawed

This week I preached on Matthew 5:38-48 in the prison where I serve as a chaplain.  As you might imagine, the difficulties in living as a Christian in general, and more specifically as a peacemaker, in that environment are different than mine or yours and very intense. 

We recalled the context of the  Sermon on the Mount as a call we meditate upon when we pray the Third Luminous Mystery of the the Rosary, the Proclamation of the Kingdom.  We connected it to the Gospel readings proclaimed in our liturgies over the past few Sundays from  Matthew Chapter 5; the Beatitudes, being salt and light, and of going beyond and deeper than merely following the laws and rules of our religion by living our faith from the heart.  And I spoke about a quote from G. K. Chesterton, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”  

Difficult may seem at first to be an understatement, when we wrestle with that seemingly impossible task of being perfect, because our personal understanding of words can be a stumbling block to wisdom.  The English translation of this passage in the word “perfect” may lead us to think of this in a limited way but, in both Latin and Greek, the concept of “perfect” has to do with working to bring to fulfillment or completion, all the while keeping the final goal in mind. Is that not what the Father does? Is it then possible, to be perfect, as our Heavenly Father is perfect? I say yes! 

 So we work to bring about the kingdom in the daily circumstances of our lives even as we exist as refugees in a strange land, longing for the day when we will see God face to face. We can do this with joy, even in the face of what appears to be failure in the wisdom of the world; if we do not define perfection in terms flawless execution but rather as consistently faithful striving.  We can be perfect, not measured by how successful we are at getting others to respond positively to the blessings we try to share with them, but rather in terms of how faithful are we to our walk with Jesus. All the while understanding that, being faithful to that walk means that we will inevitably fall short, will surely sin, will stray from what we know we should do. Yet when we repent and reconcile with the Father, he always takes us back as his prodigal children. 

I am encouraged by the mercy of knowing that God expects me to make mistakes, and will always love me anyway.  I am filled with gratitude by the promise that God will always accept my heartfelt and humbly penitent confession of sin, and forgive me.  And I am perfected in understanding that God knows me as his perfect creation, even when I don’t.

So hang in there! Dare to be perfect with all of your flaws.  Keep the end in mind and give your all to it’s fulfillment.  

Peace and blessings to you always.

Posted by: matt25 | February 12, 2017

Evidence To The Contrary

For those who believe that Facebook is the original social media platform to promote pictures of cats and food, I offer Exhibit A into evidence to dispute this misconception.  it is a Mainzer cats postcard, c. 1960, and depicts a cat-astrophe in the kitchen.

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