Posted by: matt25 | May 25, 2017

Remembered Reflections

It was thee years ago today that I posted about measuring time with love.  This year, I suffered an arm injury in March which has given me the opportunity to slow down and reflect more deeply upon these measurements of time in my life and in the lives of others.  Sometimes the love is laced with joy, other times with sadness, but the measurements remain unmistakenly and essentially experiences of love.

One year ago today was a day that I took such a measurement, and grappled with my limited ability to glimpse dimly the wisdom of God, which so far exceeds my own.  What I wrote on Facebook that day I needed to remind myself of today, in light of people and situations That are currently in my prayers.  I am tempted to lose my faith that God hears me and answers my prayers, although not always the way I want.  Here is what I wrote:

I prayed for a miracle and a complete healing for Bart. I know that you are still in the miracle business Lord, so why didn’t you do what I wanted? I will never completely understand the mystery of how you actually did, and continue to, answer my prayer in a way more perfectly than I can imagine. I begin to see through my grief that Bart is completely healed indeed and that you have strengthened the bonds of love and faith for those who remain here in the pain of his passing. Help me Lord to hear you and make that hearing my heart’s desire, and never lose faith because your wisdom does not conform to my wishes.

” O Truth, you are present to those who seek your help, and at one and the same time you answer all, though they seek your counsel on different matters. You respond clearly, but not everyone hears clearly. All ask what they wish, but do not always hear the answer they wish. Your best servant is he who is intent not so much on hearing his petition answered, as rather on willing whatever he hears from you.”  -From the Confessions of Saint Augustine


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