Posted by: matt25 | January 9, 2017

Epiphany and Baptism 

Most Years we celebrate Christmas until the Sunday Celebration of The Baptism of Jesus.  This year however, since Christmas itself fell on a Sunday we closed our liturgical focus on Christmas with the Solemnity of the Epiphany which we celebrated yesterday.  Here is a link for my homily for Epiphany.

But, today is the feast of the Baptism of the Lord and I would like to offer these words, which resonate well with my message, for your reflection.  They are from an ancient Sermon by Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, bishop.

Jesus rises from the waters; the world rises with him. The heavens like Paradise with its flaming sword, closed by Adam for himself and his descendants, are rent open. The Spirit comes to him as to an equal, bearing witness to his Godhead. A voice bears witness to him from heaven, his place of origin. The Spirit descends in bodily form like the dove that so long ago announced the ending of the flood and so gives honor to the body that is one with Today let us do honor to Christ’s baptism and celebrate this feast in holiness. Be cleansed entirely and continue to be cleansed. Nothing gives such pleasure to God as the conversion and salvation of men, for whom his every word and every revelation exist. He wants you to become a living force for all mankind, lights shining in the world. You are to be radiant lights as you stand beside Christ, the great light, bathed in the glory of him who is the light of heaven. You are to enjoy more and more the pure and dazzling light of the Trinity, as now you have received—though not in its fullness—a ray of its splendor, proceeding from the one God, in Christ Jesus our Lord, to whom be glory and power for ever and ever. Amen.(Oratio 39 in Sancta Lumina, 16, 20: PG 358-359)


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