Posted by: matt25 | October 2, 2016

The Real Battle Is In Our Hearts

I may not agree with everything in Running Afoul of the Catholic Left and Right: Calling for a Ceasefire but it is well written, and worth a thoughtful read. 
 This point is spot on, we need to stop assuming that people who disagree with us are either stupid or evil. I also agree with this recognition:

 “Catholicism (defined as broadly as possible) is a form of Christianity that has an increasingly hard time fitting into the structures of the United States. On the one hand, we are pro-life, many of us have traditional sexual ethics, we think the family is the basic, pre-political foundation of any given society and think there are aspects of our society that require conserving. On the other hand, we believe in preferential treatment for the poor, we combat racial injustices, we believe in the inherent dignity of all human beings (born and unborn), we believe in caring for our common home. We don’t fit. We never will, that’s simply part of Christianity.” 

 May God bless America and bring about a revival in the hearts of individual women and men, for it is in our hearts that the true battle is being fought.  In many respects, the legitimate importance of this election and other worldly concerns override and trample the time and importance we need to give to nurturing the peace and wisdom that God wants to breathe into us.  We stop that from happening by our passionate fixation on things that will pass away, and in so doing, end up relying upon our own wisdom to the best of our limited abilities.  Our wisdom, has brought us to where we are.  There is a better path.


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