Posted by: matt25 | August 25, 2016

Murmur Murmur On The Wall

The Lord has been sending me messages about something all week.  I have been letting other people’s complaining affect my actions and I have allowed myself to complain.  I need to listen to God, and I need to go to confession.  Telling you doesn’t count.  Besides, that’s just two of this sinners shortcomings.

My daughter, I have something to tell you. I replied, “Speak, Jesus, for I thirst for Your words.” It displeases Me that, because the sisters were murmuring, you did not ask to have Father Andrasz hear your confession in your cell. Know that, because of this, you gave them even greater cause for murmuring. Very humbly I begged the Lord’s forgiveness. O my Master, rebuke me; do not overlook my faults, and do not let me err (Diary, 1460)
My Prayer Response:  Lord, help me not to be a cause of murmuring among my family and friends nor react to their murmuring. May I avoid offending You and be quick to beg Your forgiveness when I sin.

From Daily Reflections on the Diary of Saint Faustina


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