Posted by: matt25 | February 17, 2016

Popes Are Political, Jesus Was Too

In a recent Washington Post article one of the presidential candidates referred to Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico as political.  I think he is right, although not in the particular spin he used to present the idea.

How would I define politics? Interaction with others in an effort to exchange ideas, and influence current and future actions of a community. In that sense most public activity is political. Religion and faith have always, and rightfully, had a political component. That is why freedom of religion, not merely freedom of worship, is so important in a society that values freedom. 

So a pope making a trip to Mexico, the United States, or anywhere else is political.  But that is no surprise.  Jesus’ trip to Jerusalem was political and so was Peter’s trip to Rome.



  1. His primary purpose must always be the context.

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