Posted by: matt25 | May 1, 2015

A Super Post On A Super Blog

I have a confession to make about one of my guilty pleasures.  I like super hero movies.  I will even admit to enjoying watching that awful Green Lantern movie as I flew back from my mission trip to Africa.  I know, I know, but we all have our issues don’t we?

Maybe I won’t have to disguise myself when I go to watch the new Avengers movie though.   According to the review posted on “AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is a spectacular treat from beginning to end with a strong moral worldview and inspiring biblical allusions…” In another part of the review it says;

Everything in the story revolves around the idea that people are broken, and, left to our own devices, will destroy themselves eventually. This is why we need to be saved, not just from outside forces, but also from ourselves. Ultron’s demonic “church” has neither grace nor mercy, however. Thus, it’s fatally flawed, both morally and spiritually. This is what marks the Avengers as different. They see the same flaws in humanity Ultron sees, but they have an attitude of grace, mercy and love that makes them want to save humanity, at the risk of their own lives and wellbeing. 

You can read the whole review here.  Don’t worry, it warns you with spoiler alerts before it reveals something to ruin your fun.

So, who want’s to go to the movies with me.  You can have all the buttery popcorn you want and I won’t complain.  



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