Posted by: matt25 | April 15, 2015

Dreaming on A Wednesday

I read a post by Deacon Allen Tatara today and it got me thinking about dreams.  Here is a prayer he included:

Prayer for Dreamers 

God of our waking and our sleeping,
in every age,
you have spoken to your prophets
in dreams and visions
and have promised that
our sons and daughters shall prophesy
through your Spirit.

Through the dream of young Joseph,
you saved your people from famine.
In the visions of King Solomon,
you blessed your land with wisdom.
Because of dreams,
elder Joseph acted quickly
to protect your only Son from harm.

And through the revelation announced to Mary,
you brought forth a new King and a new dream
for all the world.

Bless those who continue to see you in dreams.
Open their ears to hear you in their visions,
loosen their tongues to speak your word,
strengthen their hands to respond swiftly in action,
and embolden their hearts that what they hear in the dark
they may proclaim in the light.

Make us all dreamers who tirelessly pursue
the vision of your Kingdom.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

~Diana Macalintal, The Work of Your Hands

I often will have the distinct understanding that one of my dreams is a manifestation of something very real in the spiritual realm; sometimes from God, sometimes not. Of course sometimes I have no sense of any meaning of my dreams at all.

I read a book some time ago, unfortunately I cannot remember the title or the author,  and it spoke of the history of dreams in the Bible as well as in the history of Christianity.  I remember one point in particular about trying to make sense of your dreams.  It was suggested that you keep a pad and pen near your bed so that you could write down your dreams immediately after you wake up.  You have to write it down immediately because the details fade quickly.  I tried it for awhile and it was  very interesting.

I think I will try it again.  No time like the present, maybe I’ll take a nap.


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