Posted by: matt25 | November 29, 2014

Is My Head Screwed On Right?

Before you answer the query in the title of this blog I would like to quickly interject that while it is a rhetorical question for you, it is a question I need to ask myself frequently. Moving on now with a wry semi-smile…

My friend Jeff Wentz who is the pastor at Pillar of Fire Fellowship in Dunkirk NY recently posted a something on Facebook that caused me to pause and reflect.

When I have found myself chasing those things I eventually realized that I was not right with myself or with my God. When I am grounded in my love for God and secure in my knowing my Father’s love for me, I do not chase relationships or things to make me feel loved or to boost my feelings of self worth. I am content. And because I am content I am also open to letting God move me where He wills.

Pastor Jeff’s post reminded me that chasing attention, love or affection is a warning that my head isn’t screwed on right… yet again



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