Posted by: matt25 | May 23, 2014

Living in Style

I never really understood the Stylite movement. I am humbled by their response to God because I do so little in comparison. I have trouble simply praying the Divine Office with the regularity and devotion that I should. But these guys, starting with Simeon Stylites the Elder, lived a life radically devoted to God. In so doing they were like stones thrown into the pond of life from which the ripples continue to travel outward until even our modern era.

Today there is a monk living in this tradition atop a natural pillar, praying for you and I and giving advice to the troubled souls that seek him out.

20140523-074902-28142501.jpgTwice a week he takes a break from his prayerful solitude and makes a 20 minute climb down the ladder from his lofty perch. When he reaches the bottom, he joins in communal prayer in the chapel there and he then climbs back up. Talk about a life that takes literally the words of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 on how to pray!

Follow the links above in this story for amazing photos and a glimpse into both the modern and historical life of this spiritual calling.



  1. Exhilarating and frightening….that lofty perch!!

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