Posted by: matt25 | May 1, 2014

A Prayer on the Memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker

Lord our God, in your boundless mercy you call us to walk with you in holiness of heart. Your infinite wisdom chose Joseph to care for your Son in childhood and youth, grant us the grace to also care for Christ, by caring for the needs of our brothers and sisters. Help us to always remember it was you who entrusted the earth to us, in order to people it and make it prosper, so that we may be inspired to work wholeheartedly in this world, seeking always to give you glory. Father of all, do not forget what your hands have made, grant that all who work may have secure employment and a fitting standard of living. Holy God, raise us up to new life in holiness, guide our steps, guard our hearts, and bring us ever closer to you. May we seek your face in our work, our leisure, our sadness, our joy, our prosperity, our want, and with every breath, until we come home to you and join with Joseph and all the saints in our hallelujahs to the Spirit and the Lamb, who with you are one God, for ever.



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