Posted by: matt25 | March 3, 2014

Give It Up!

What should I give up for Lent? Perhaps I need to answer a different question first. What habit or habits do I have that are obstacles to growing closer to The Lord? Conversely what practices can I embrace which will draw me closer to The Lord?

Do I spend much too much time on things that don’t really matter? Should I fast from Facebook, TV shows, sports, video games, or other entertainments? What will I do with that time? Will I develop a focused time for prayer and reading sacred scripture? Is there some other spiritual reading that I just never seem to get to but, have been meaning to for some time? Will I make that commitment a daily reality? Will it be 15 minutes or will it be longer.

Do I have an excessive attachment to something? Can I grow in the grace of detachment as a fruit of self-discipline by giving up something that I really do not want to give up? What could be a daily reminder to me of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me? Would giving up sweets or coffee do this?

How are my relationships with others. Am I so focused on myself that I do not have the vision or inclination to help them with their pain? Should I be making phone calls or writing letters to reconnect? Should I be sending notes of encouragement? Should I force myself to be nice to someone who is not nice to me?

This will be my Lent so only I can decide. Whatever I decide will set the course for the Lent I will experience, and the Easter I will live.


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