Posted by: matt25 | March 2, 2014

Something To Chew On, Bad Preaching

We have all heard bad preaching and I hope most of us have heard good preaching as well. Here is something to chew on, It isn’t all on the preacher.

If you want to hear good homilies or sermons you can do something about it as well. Understand that what I am referring to as good preaching is a message that calls you closer to God. Not necessarily one that entertained you and easily held your interest.

First listen, the best message is worthless if you don’t hear it. Second, look for the part where God is speaking to you. This can happen even when it is a struggle to get past a poor delivery. Third reflect back to your preacher the part that touched you. This will encourage them in the hours of preparation that you never see. Finally; remember, share with someone, and allow yourself to be changed by what you heard.

The preacher has a full plate of responsibility and I don’t mean to minimize that but, those are the things that are on you.

Something to chew on posts are usually short and intended to stimulate your thoughts. You can enhance the process by adding your comments below.


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