Posted by: matt25 | January 17, 2014

No Place For Me?

Cuomo certainly has pushed the throttle up on his rhetoric. Apparently since I operate on the principles that once a human being is conceived it is a human being, and that marriage is much more than a civil contract and as such cannot be gender neutral and retain all the vital elements of marriage, there is no place for me in the state of New York where I was born and raised.

Andrew, I will respond the following statement on a scale of 1 to 7 where 1 means I strongly disagree, 7 means I strongly agree, and 4 is neutral. Here is the statement.

Based on Governor Cuomo’s remark’s as reported in the article found here I am less likely to support him in any election he enters.


Unlike you I believe in free speech, freedom of conscience, and that you don’t have to agree with me to live in my state. So go ahead and keep talking. Oh, and you can live anywhere you want after the next election. I just hope it’s not the governor’s mansion or the White House.



  1. Apparently your own freedom of speech hasn’t been impaired. You are free to feel and speak as you wish about these issues, to vote for someone besides Cuomo, and to continue living in New York, no matter what he says.

    I hope you grant the same rights for others to hold to opposing views, those who aren’t religious, and those who have no problem with same-sex marriage. Live and let live.

    • I cannot grant those rights nor do I seek to curtail them for others. My point is that it is entirely inappropriate for a public official to speak in such a way. His rhetoric supports those who seek to silence and exclude from influence those who do not hold to his particular world view. This is the antithesis of the vision our country’s founders had for our nation. In my vision for America we are better than that. Our government, our elected officials are supposed to serve the people who live here. Not tell us since you don’t agree with my program, move out. Intellectual honesty requires, at the very least, to say this is bad form on Cuomo’s part.

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