Posted by: matt25 | January 12, 2014

A Feast, A Slogan, and A Way of Life

Why would a feast day remind me of being a Boy Scout in my youth? Today, we say farewell to the Christmas season and remember Jesus’ baptism as we transition to Ordinary time. We also recall the mission Jesus accepted on that day. Luke simply describes that mission in today’s second reading from Acts: “He went about doing good.” From the moment he began to teach and preach about the reign of God, Jesus, who was God’s good agent, set himself at odds with evil. His actions were not merely acts of mercy but an assault on all that was unholy, “for God was with him,” as Luke has attested.

So this is what we are called to be about as well. In remembering our baptism, we remember our true identity as believers in God. We remember that we are supposed to go about doing good, for our Emmanuel God is with us all year, not only at Christmas.

Oh, and my Boy Scout connection lies in the Scout Slogan, “Do A Good Turn Daily”. Take the mission of your baptism into to places you live, work and play. Do a good turn, maybe even several, daily.


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