Posted by: matt25 | December 19, 2013

Top 10 quotable quotes from pope’s peace day message

By now the leaders of the world have received the communication physically. Let us pray for them to receive it also in their hearts.

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VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ first message for the World Day of Peace is out and will soon be distributed to heads of state around the world.

Here’s a list of some of the quotes that grabbed us most from this document dedicated to Fraternity: The Foundation and Pathway to Peace:

1. Globalization of Indifference

Globalization, as Benedict XVI pointed out, makes us neighbors, but does not make us brothers. The many situations of inequality, poverty and injustice, are signs not only of a profound lack of fraternity, but also of the absence of a culture of solidarity.

2. ‘Where is your brother?’

In God’s family, where all are sons and daughters of the same Father, and, because they are grafted to Christ, sons and daughters in the Son, there are no “disposable lives.” … This is the reason why no one can remain indifferent before the lot of our…

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