Posted by: matt25 | November 20, 2013

The AHCA Debacle

A fumbled roll out, a president who continues to lie about people being able to keep their current coverages, reports of soaring premiums, cooked figures to make things seem better than they will be, a mandate to gut true religious freedom and replace it with a watered down concept of freedom of worship while forcing people to violate their conscience, these things are all happening.

Health Care “reform” and a way to provide care to those without it was badly needed, but a complicated unread bill that had to be passed so we could find out what was in it, which amounts to a massive government takeover of private sector economics was, and is not, the right answer. Strong arm tactics to trample religious and personal freedoms was, and is not, the answer. Lying and continuing to lie about what will happen as a result of its implementation was, and is not, the answer. Making the people of our once great nation increasingly dependent on those in power was, and is not, the answer to what was wrong with health care. It was and is an answer to gaining and keeping a greater share of wealth and power in the hands of some who already possess and wield too much wealth and power.

The Supeme Court did not say that all of this is constitutional, it said that obamacare is a tax, and that taxes are permitted by the constitution. I cannot call this then, anything other than a massive tax increase and a heavy handed power grab. In the long run it will not help the sick, the poor, or our nation.



  1. And now that our president sees what a mess he has created, he wants to trample on the constitution again by single handedly creating a yearlong exemption to allow people to keep their current coverage(until after the next election cycle). God Bless us all.

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