Posted by: matt25 | November 4, 2013

Using the Changing times To Our Benefit.

Congratulations!  You remembered to set your clock back this weekend and got to church at the right time.  Of course this is something that happens twice a year so it is a good mental trigger to also do some other things.  Here are some recommendations that you may want to make a part of your semi-annual ritual.


  1. Change the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries. 
    According to the folks at Energizer the end of DST is the “official ” time to install a fresh battery pack. You don’t have to throw out the batteries, you can save them for use in your remotes and other devices. Also keep in mind to check the age of your carbon monoxide detector, they only last seven years. Most brands have an end of life alarm but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Check the Medicine Cabinet.
    That old prescription from last year when you twisted your ankle, or the allergy medicine you haven’t taken since the last time you had a runny nose can lose their effectiveness over time.
    If you choose to get rid of these items do it properly– many drug stores take expired drugs back. The pharmacies properly dispose of the chemicals so they do not pollute the water or ground.
  3. Check the First Aid Kit.
    Now that you’ve cleaned out your medicine cabinet take a look in your first aid kit. Does anything need to be replaced?
  4. Check all of the lights and signals on your Car.
    Good visibility is key now that its staying darker longer.
  5. Change your Air Filter.
    If you forgot to replace the filter before you started using your heating system this season now is a good time to replace it.
    Replacing air filters helps to prolong the life of
    your heating system and keeps it running as
    effectively as possible.
  6. Change the Direction of your Fan.
    Setting your ceiling fans to spin in a clockwise direction allows for warm air to be pulled up toward the ceiling and down the walls of a room, allowing for a steadier temperature that can help reduce heating costs.

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