Posted by: matt25 | August 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home


Frustration!  You can say that again, or you could until this morning.  My home button on my iPad stopped working.  Which is really annoying since that is what you use to wake it up when the screen goes dark to conserve your battery life.  I was reduced to flipping my smart cover closed and then open as a work around.  Then I discovered this post,

I know this seems……silly?!? My home button doesn’t/hasn’t worked in the past and I got it fixed. Try this. With your iPad in portrait view (long ways up and down), press and hold the home button. While continuing to hold the home button, turn the iPad to landscape view (long ways left to right), then back to portrait view. Make sure your screen rotates when you do this. Now let go of the home button. Hopefully, this is a fix to the “more common” issue in this case and resolves your problem.  Good luck!

Happy ipadI thought this must be a joke.  But, I saw no harm in trying it and lo and behold, it worked!  I then bounced over to which included that fix as their 2nd thing to try.  Sometimes the flood of information on the web washes up a useful item on the shore, and that is a welcome thing indeed.


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