Posted by: matt25 | June 29, 2013

Paula Who?

I may live under a rock but I didn’t know anything about Paula Deen before last week. So, I have been looking into her controversy a bit this morning and I read a blog which made sense to me. Does it carry more weight because it was written by a black woman? Would thinking that actually be racist in its own way? I’ll leave that question for another day. Here is an excerpt:

“Let’s get this straight. I am not condoning anyone calling me or anyone who looks like me by any racial slur. But neither am I going to kill someone’s career because they admit that they have in anger, fear, or IN THE PAST have used one. Here it is in a nutshell–Paula Deen has used the N word. She has either told or listened to racial jokes. She has probably said stuff and joked about stuff that went over the line. So here is the dilemma my oh so righteous progressive friends–any one who hasn’t–please step right up and throw the first stone. But before you reach down to pick it up, you better check YouTube; your best friend’s IPHONE; your high school squeeze’s slam book; or your grandma’s video tapes before you do.
Progressives Christians love to talk about grace except when they have to extend it to someone who has offended their political reality. The grace that we proclaim that washes us clean and entitled us to a new life is for everybody as long as they have not offended our politics. A cursory look at the progressive schizophrenic (and hypocritical) view of who deserves grace bears this out. Anthony Weiner shows his weiner to someone other than his wife–Grace abounds. My beloved Bill Clinton gets a handy j in the oval office–Grace abounds. Barney Frank shacks up with a male prostitute–Grace Abounds. President Obama–doesn’t close Gitmo; listens to our conversations; and uses drones to kill civilians–Grace Abounds. A woman uses the N word AND admits it knowing that a great portion of her clientele is African American (I’d say Paula probably has used it more than that)–our verdict: Off with her head, her show, and her ham.” – Maria Dixon on her blog The View From Dixon Hall

My own self centered reaction to this swirling controversy is to observe how quickly a mob like mentality has taken hold of corporate America and the twittersphere as well. Judgement and condemnation has been swift and merciless.
My soul cried out, let the one of you who is without sin cast the first stone!
But, my brain said too late, she has already been buried by an avalanche so wake up Matt and read this sign of the times. This may well be an acceleration of a growing American culture of close-minded intolerance that is all the more deadly and dangerous because it believes that it is all about enlightened tolerance.
My soul responds, there is nothing new under the sun.


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