Posted by: matt25 | June 4, 2013

How Are You Going?

What kind of progress is made on a journey with no destination? In order to live life fully we must have an ideal which forms the basis of our decisions, and by which we measure our actions and activities. A Christian is one who embraces Jesus as their ideal and, as a disciple of the Christ of God, knows she or he can never be perfect. It seems on the surface then, that by definition a Christian is doomed to failure. Perhaps this could be so, dependent upon your definition of success. Yet what may seem at first to be failure is actually a blessing of a self-knowledge, which opens the door to an authentic humility, which allows us to understand that we need divine assistance in order to be in right relationship with each other and our creator. This isn’t easy but, for a Christian, it is the only journey through this life worth taking.



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