Posted by: matt25 | May 16, 2013

Truth, What Is Truth?

Sometimes I see these threads on blogs or social media sites like Facebook where atheists and Christians will go toe to toe, slug it out, and by the strength of their intellect either subdue or convert the otTruthOrwellher to their way of thinking.  It is not usually a pretty sight.

I think that if anyone is to seriously consider these matters you must start with a fundamental question.  Is there such a thing as objective truth?  If you start with a belief that there is in fact such a thing as objective truth, then it is something that we can pursue the discovery of.   You might consider science or religion as possible avenues to take in your adventure of looking for truth.  On the other hand, if the starting point is the belief that any alleged truth is subjective, then since there is no truth to discover, you can believe whatever you want comfortably unchallenged by the possibility that you might be wrong.  If you don’t believe one way or another then.. well actually I don’t know what you do with that so I’ll leave it alone for the time being.

So which is it?

I fall into the “yes Virginia there is” such a thing as objective truth camp.    I believe for example, that the physical reality of moving vehicles is an objective truth.  It does not matter if I believe in them or not.  They exist independent of my belief.  Now, let’s say I lived a place where apartments and businesses are in tall buildings connected by great underground concourses filled with shops, banks, stores, medical clinics and I can get everything else I need there. TruthQuote I could go about happily living my life disbelieving in moving vehicles.  But, if one day I leave my comfortable living area and decide to walk across a street, without bothering to wait for traffic because moving vehicles don’t exist, the objective truth could quite possibly and emphatically be revealed to me.  On the other hand, I might make my crossing unscathed and take that as proof positive that I was right all along.

Therein lies the problem with complete reliance upon our personal experience being the litmus test for truth.



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