Posted by: matt25 | April 10, 2013

Wake Up & Live

I have decided to make today count for something. I am choosing to find a way to make a difference today, to make someone else’s life better, to give them a smile, a helping hand, perhaps even help them understand and make progress in overcoming a monumental situation. I choose to wake up, take myself off autopilot, and live for others. By doing this I will find a better life for myself.

This is a way of living that people of any faith or of no faith will find to be true if they are people of good will. But for a Christian it is a necessary part of the fabric of our lives. To receive God’s mercy we must be merciful. May we all receive what we need to see where in our lives we can give comfort, joy, and help to others, then also receive what we need to overcome our self-focus and actually do it.


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