Posted by: matt25 | March 17, 2013

Wiggle Room On Abortion, Apparently Not For Catholics



Outside of the church, irrespective of background, there are passionate voices on both sides of the abortion issue. Within church teaching that is not the case.

If you do not believe and incorporate that teaching into your life as a Catholic you have work to do. I promise it won’t hurt but it won’t be easy either. It is your calling and vital responsibility to understand more than what the church teaches, you must also understand why.

To do that you must approach and study 2000 years of history, look into what science has learned about life inside the womb, pray with the scriptures, read encyclicals, the catechism and more.  I know what your thinking but, if you believe you are a Catholic, then you must also believe you have an immortal soul.   Lives and souls hang in the balance on this issue, including yours, so don’t give up!  Apply all of your gifts in pursuit of the truth. I believe that God, in his mercy, will honor your efforts and find them pleasing.



  1. This week’s Gospel of the woman caught in adultery teaches us to always remember the Mercy of God, the possibility of reconciliation, and the call to conversion. What a wonderful God we have, who mercifully forgives and heals, all the while telling us not to condemn others. If you know someone who has suffered an abortion, let them know that God loves them and knows their pain.

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