Posted by: matt25 | December 8, 2012

Gimme Christmas Now!

Remember for a moment the best homemade meal you ever had.  Savor the tastes and smells, smile as you embrace for a moment the vision of that feast.  Yeah, it really was that good wasn’t it?  Now think about the love and hard work that went into the preparations that led to that moment and give thanks for the person(s) responsible for all of it.  Maybe you are remembering someone who is still with you, maybe you are remembering someone who has passed from this life to life eternal, or maybe you made the meal yourself, but it was wonderful and it would have been a shame if all who were there had stuffed themselves so full on appetizers that they never tasted the meal.

But wait, the appetizers were awesome too!  They were a part of the experience and really needed to be tasted to be believed.  And let’s not forget about the desserts, they just made you want to close your eyes and say mmmmm… before slowly pulling the fork from your lips.

Our culture doesn’t experience things like that though does it.  It starts to yell GIMME CHRISTMAS NOW even before the Thanksgiving meal is served.  The Church serves up a better approach, it offers us a Season of Advent, followed by a Season of Christmas each of which needs to be experienced best not only as a general season but also for the many wonderful offerings that are  found within them.  It is a somewhat universal struggle which Cardinal Dolan calls The Advent Argument  that I tried to address myself last week.

Here is my recommended approach in a nutshell, for Advent and any other time of the year.  Enjoy today.  That’s it.  Open your eyes and see what beauty you can find today.  Open each day and look for the gift within, especially if it is a hard time to do so.  Sounds a lot like take time to smell the roses doesn’t it?  Hey I never claimed to be a genius original thinker, but I do claim to know what I like.

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