Posted by: matt25 | November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Is Neccessary

In my haste and as a result of a glitch in the matrix, I somehow left this in my draft folder when I thought it had posted. In the spirit of better late than never I am posting now. Perhaps God had a hand in this because this time, which our society calls the holidays, is a difficult time throughout for those who grieve and mourn. I am reminded of this in a very personal way as we approach another anniversary of the same day birth and death of my granddaughter Brooke. So I offer my belated Thanksgiving prayers along with my current Advent and future Christmas prayers with my reflection from Thanksgiving Day. Peace and blessings to you as you read on.

“Life can be hard and sometimes it is hard to see past the trials and embrace the blessings. That is what today is for. That is why the holiday of Thanksgiving is necessary. The food, the gatherings of family and friends, the donations to food pantries, are all because we need a day to reflect on grace in the presence of pain.

Sure, some years it’s easy to enjoy a football game on the tube, but other years you may have experienced several deaths of loved ones. Perhaps, like our family, even one that was especially tragic and haunting that hangs over you like a dark cloud. Yet even in the midst of such pain, if we open our hearts to love, we can dwell at least for a time on the good and sweet blessings that have been obscured by the pain.

If that is your story today, know that you are not alone and that I have prayed for you today. If it is an easier year for you, please join me in praying not only in thanksgiving for your gifts, but also for others to be able to see theirs today. Perhaps for the first time in a very long time.”



  1. […] your eyes and see what beauty you can find today.  Open each day and look for the gift within, especially if it is a hard time to do so.  Sounds a lot like take time to smell the roses doesn’t it?  Hey I never claimed to be a […]

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