Posted by: matt25 | September 1, 2012

Two Times Five Equals Two of These Missing

I am now five weeks into my decision to improve my health by losing weight following the Weight Watchers program and I am pleased to be down 10 lbs. I have been led to believe by things that I have read or heard over the years that 1.5 to 2 pounds a week is a healthy pace to lose weight so I plan stick with it. At that rate I will be where my doctor wants me to be in about 10 months.

Speaking of my doctor,I went in to see him for a routine visit last week and he was pleased to hear that I was dieting and had lost weight. He left the room for a minute and when he came back he said “Catch!’ and threw something to me. It was in a plastic bag and frankly, it was pretty gross. He had just tossed me an anatomical model of five pounds of human fat.

I didn’t see that coming! Not surprising since I never saw one before. It was bigger than I would have guessed and the thought that escaped my lips as a rather incredulous question was “Are you telling me I’ve got another 15 of these things hanging off of my body?” The answer of course is yes I do, although it is not consolidated in chunks like that.

Pretty sweet to visualize tossing two of these bad boys away so far.



  1. Nice job so far; losing ten pounds is no easy task and you accomplished it:)

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