Posted by: matt25 | August 4, 2012

Weight Watchers First Full Week

Okay, I bit the bullet and started a program to do something about my weight this past week. I am down 4.8 lbs and 3.4 since last Saturday. In the hope that I may encourage someone else to take such a step I have decided to be very open about my personal life in this public forum. I appreciate any prayers you may wish to offer that it will go well for me. Onward now with a backward glance to start.

I’ll never forget the shock and indignation I felt when I picked up my patient file and saw the “O” word written there. I was and am considered by the medical profession as obese. Of course, it was no surprise to me that I was fat, but obese was a wake up call. So I promptly went back to sleep and did nothing about it. I felt okay about my self image most of the time and my weight was not causing any restrictions to my activities, other than making me choose not to go swimming on a hot summer day to avoid taking my shirt off in public, so there I sat hovering between 275 and 285 pounds. Yeah I know, but I felt that I carried it well.

Some years passed and when my daughter Alana was a Junior in High School she was one of the leads in the schools musical so she wanted to diet and lose some weight. I decided that to support her I would diet as well and I went on the South Beach diet for about 6 months. I lost over 40 pounds and felt great. Not only did I feel great but my doctor told me that South Beach was a very healthy diet to follow. But then I decided to go off the diet “just for the summer” and I learned the lesson that every dieter who has struggled with weight loss has learned. When you go off a diet the weight all comes back, sometimes with a couple extra pounds just to punish you for trying to diet to start with. Diets don’t work unless they are a permanent part of a lifestyle change.

I wanted to go back on the South Beach Diet and make it permanent. It has phases to help you do that but it wasn’t meant to be for me. There is another lesson that I learned. The proper health and fitness plan for you has to fit your situation. As good as I believe the South Beach approach to be, the other members of my family found it very difficult to follow which meant I would have had to eat a different menu than they did and I would be flying solo with a cheering section. But that raised logistical and financial barriers in addition to the normal psychological hurdles that need to be cleared so I just waddled along for the next eight years or so.

No more memory lane, it is now 2012 and my doctor is throwing around phrases like “borderline hypertensive” and “pre-diabetic”. Even a bonehead like me can see that I have to either do something about my weight or plan on spending a lot more money on avoidable illness and disease in my not to distant future. Enter Alana once again. Sort of…

She got married in June of this year and my wife Mary Jane wanted to lose some weight before the wedding and decided to try Weight Watchers. It is working well for her and she has now lost pretty much all the weight she wants to lose and is going to switch to a maintenance mode. Her success is inspiring but, having been bit once by the diet yo-yo beast I was reluctant to join her. Reluctant but not immovable. With her support and blessing I joined Weight Watchers online 8 days ago and decided to make Saturday my weigh in day to coincide with hers. Remember I said the right plan for you has to fit your situation? This may be the right approach for me. I can do it with my wife and even share a weigh in day but, while she uses a book and goes to meetings I can use my iPad, Android phone apps, and interact with the community online.

We may have a winner here, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. As long as it doesn’t put me over my point total for the day.


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