Posted by: matt25 | June 27, 2012

I Love To Read, Even If It Make Me Cry

How is it possible to have so much in a single month of living?

In the last month I have experienced a mission trip to Africa, celebrated a rite of passage with my youngest daughter (it’s true… our baby is 21!), given my first born child’s hand in marriage to my new son in law, and rejoiced with my eldest at the good progress reports on her pregnancy as we await our newest grandchild. I have filled my life with love and family in these happy events but also in events filled with heartache and tears. On Father’s Day I heard of the passing in the night of my Uncle Bart. After the Mass of Christian Burial on Thursday I drove to the Intensive Care Unit of an area hospital to pray with my Aunt Eileen. it was to be the last time I would see her on earth as I learned this morning that she too has gone to her reward. On the heels of this news I learned that my Aunt Ann’s doctors are recommending that she be put on palliative care only and hospice should be brought in.

Things are happening so fast that I don’t seem to have time to “unpack” one major event before another one comes. Sunday, at a graduation party for his son, my friend Jeff asked me with great enthusiasm , “How was it?” I honestly drew a blank as to what he was asking about and when he said “your mission trip” I had to work to bring it to the front of my mind, as if it were a memory years, rather than weeks, old. Death has a way of pushing other things aside like that.

It would be easy and natural for me to focus on my grief tonight but somehow it seems even easier and more natural to focus, on my faith. Tonight I found myself reflecting not upon the loss of my family members but upon the blessings of their lives. Those blessings live on in my cousins and in me. They live on in our children as well as in our hearts and memories. It gives me pause to think that every human relationship bears within it both a first and a final chapter and I am thankful for every book that has come into the library of my life. Knowing that a book will end has never stopped me from reading it to find out what it contained and how I would be enriched by it. Yes, I must admit that it is true that the best of stories leaves me a bit sad at its ending… But, perhaps more aptly put, it leaves me longing for the sequel.

So write on my beloved author, I can’t wait to read what you have written for me next!


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