Posted by: matt25 | May 15, 2012

Lost in Translation, Almost

We are in the middle of our last leg of the journey to arrive in Uganda now. (well we were when I wrote this) The turnaround in Turkey was a bit stressful as we worried we might miss our connection. One of the information service staff at the terminal told us to go through one very long and slow moving line when we really needed to be somewhere else altogether. I learned a valuable lesson, just because 2 people can both speak the same language it does not mean they are truly communicating. Wait, I already knew that just from life in general without ever leaving home. I really have to start remembering the lessons I have already learned rather than having to relearn them again.

Istanbul to Entebbe is about a 6 hour flight and as soon as I boarded I knew I would finally be able to get some sleep. I was out before we reached cruising altitude. Unfortunately my sinuses are acting up a bit so I woke up coughing. The timing was right though as we were just being served our third Turkish Air meal since leaving Chicago. I opted for the Turkish Style Minced Beef with ratatouille and bulgar rice followed by chocolate mousse for dessert. I am beginning to see why Turkish Air is the 2011 winner of the coveted Europe’s Best Airline award.



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