Posted by: matt25 | May 9, 2012

Traveling Light

As I continue to get ready for my trip, the desire to travel as lightly as possible has driven some of my decisions. Case in point, the research of tablets leading to the eventual choice to purchase an iPad. While my motivation was to facilitate the opportunity to stay connected as as I travel and my justification lies in daily utility for business as well as personal use, I found that it will also allow me to leave the book that I use for praying the Divine Office at home.

(cue music and fade in graphic of iBreviary)

I have used an app on my android smartphone for months now called “Divine Office” and I use it several times each week. But I am not taking my phone with me, so I downloaded a free app called iBreviary from the app store and it is going to fit the bill very nicely indeed! You can get a taste of praying with it below. Both apps have their strong points and are worth considering. If you are interested in knowing more leave a comment and let me know.


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