Posted by: matt25 | February 24, 2012

Come, Journey to Renewal

There was a time when even God repented. In the days of Noah, God repented the act of creating humanity which embraced, without remorse, self-indulgent lives where we cared nothing for our created purpose, to know love and serve God by caring for each other and all of creation. The call of lent is a call to repent. But to repent is more than to feel sorry, it requires that we commit to change our life in some way or ways that put us back into right relationship with God, each other, and all of creation. Come, journey with the Church into the desert and seek the grace of renewal, let your heart be changed by cooperating with that grace, and become, like the bow set in the sky, a visible sign of God’s covenant of love with all the world.

Coming Home

Some of the loudest lamentations of this penitential season come not from the laity, but from the clergy. Specifically, the churches packed on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday when people who don’t darken a church door all year arrive, “to get something for free.”

I understand their frustration and also see within it a missed opportunity, especially on Ash Wednesday. More on that in a moment. Here are some happenings from a friend’s parish yesterday.

One of my friends who is a pastor has decided to tie the distribution of ashes to the mass. When one of the priests distributed ashes after the homily, more than 60% of the Church cleared out before the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

At another mass, when ashes were to be distributed after mass had ended, a man came up the communion line and when the host was extended to him replied, “I don’t want…

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