Posted by: matt25 | August 24, 2011

I Am Undoubtedly a Man of Character.

I am undoubtedly a man of character. What I need to examine is whether I like the character of the man that I am.

When I attended a Cursillo weekend some 25 or so years ago, I found myself examining the direction of my life and whether or not I was actually steering a course toward a destination I confessed with my lips that I wanted to reach. In other words was I a man of good character whose actions lined up with the vision I had for my life. One of the ways that I try to see if I am on track or not is by examining how I spend my time and my money.

Looking at how you spend your time and money can also be valuable if you have never thought about the values and vision that you have for your life, because they will reveal what your default position is. Once you have done that you are in a position to judge if you are on track to like the person that you will be years down the road.

Oh! For the record my wife, with her tongue firmly in cheek, says I am definitely a character….

“Ordinary people, even weak people, can do extraordinary things through temporary courage generated by a situation. But the person of character does not need the situation to generate his courage. It is a part of his being and a standard approach to all life’s challenges. We’re all ethical in our own eyes. Although we are usually judged by our last worst act, we usually judge ourselves by our most noble deeds, our best intentions and our most virtuous traits. Character is not a fancy coat we put on for show, it’s who we really are.”
– Michael Josephson


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