Posted by: matt25 | June 21, 2011

Hidden Gifts

I remember when I was a young boy I used to love the adventure of exploring creeks.  I would wander in water shaded by trees lining the shore in the park at  hot summer picnics or maybe in the vacant acreage that lay just beyond our neighborhood.  I was fascinated by the water bugs that skated across the top of the water without sinking in as I tried to capture minnows in a plastic cup.  But, best of all, was flipping over rocks to see what was under them.  Sometimes I would find a gorgeous pebble of striking color to add to my collection, sometimes nothing, but sometimes a crayfish which is what I was really hoping for.  Secretly afraid that their tiny pincers were still big enough to hurt me I would bravely capture them to show them off to my friends before I released them back into the flowing water.

You just never know what gifts are hidden below the surface unless you take the time to look.  I could have stopped at seeing the tree line or the pleasant creek bed but the closer I looked the more gifts I found.  People are like that.  Every one of us has gifts, most of which we never see because we don’t take the time to look.  I need to constantly remind myself to look for the gifts beneath the surface, especially of those that I don’t find it easy to get along with.

This video is a deeply moving reminder that God-given gifts are not dependent upon power or status, they are simply there waiting to be revealed.  So let’s take the time to look beyond labels, status, and social conventions and treat each person with respect because each of us has an inherent dignity and worth in which are wrapped our unique gifts to offer the world.



  1. Hi Matt,
    I LOVE the family picture and remember well the wonders of exploring creeks. Thank-you for sharing these thoughts with me! Could you send me a copy of this picture? I don’t think I have it. Thanks 🙂

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. I will have to look for the photo. It was taken at Langford several years ago.

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