Posted by: matt25 | January 4, 2011

The Unborn Paradox And Poetry

This morning I had an op-ed piece at the NY Times by Ross Douthat brought to my attention by John P Mack.  It was well worth the read and I recommend it to you.  The Unborn Paradox –

As he discussed the “the paradox of America’s unborn. No life is so desperately sought after, so hungrily desired, so carefully nurtured. And yet no life is so legally unprotected, and so frequently destroyed.”  It got me thinking about the many different attitudes towards life that I encounter and how they are, for some people, muddled and confused by well crafted arguments intended to undermine what we basically know in our gut is the truth.  Ross saw that even in the heavily pro-choice program on MTV which he cites when he says

It’s left to Durham herself (the mother) to cut through the evasion. Sitting with her boyfriend afterward, she begins to cry when he calls the embryo a “thing.” Gesturing to their infant daughter, she says, “A ‘thing’ can turn out like that. That’s what I remember … ‘Nothing but a bunch of cells’ can be her.”

I was also touched by the poetry at the end.  Maybe it is because I write some rather inconsequential poetry myself from time to time to try to sort out my thoughts or emotions in a less linear fashion.  When my granddaughter Brooke died in-utero because of a cord injury at 28 weeks I wrestled with God about my prayers for a healthy baby which I wrote about in If God Is God, I Am Not In Charge.  As I held Brooke I could not understand how anyone could claim it was okay to choose to kill her because she was not a person.  If I was not already pro-life I would have been forced to become so at that moment when the reality was so abundantly clear.

When I kissed our Brooke Marie goodbye for the last time and sat down I had to put pen to paper.  This is what I wrote about the impact of her life and one small part of my love for her.

Farewell Brooke Marie

Farewell for now little one

Farewell for now

Too few the memories, too cold the kisses

Yet the jagged edged pain tearing our hearts

Serves to prove the depth of love

Which you brought to our lives

Farewell for now little one

Farewell for now

Too few the smiles, too warm the tears

Yet the dull emptiness your leaving leaves

Brings your family close to you and each other

The everlasting gift of your life

Farewell for now little one

Farewell for now

Op-Ed Columnist

The Unborn Paradox

This morning I had a piece by Op-Ed Columnist ROSS DOUTHAT at the NY Times brought to my attention.


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