Posted by: matt25 | June 25, 2010

The Connection Between Science & Religion

I would like to make a distinction between science and the pronouncements of some scientists.

I think of science as an activity of man, a study and a searching for the truth of the laws and principles inherent in creation. Man can, and does at times, come to erroneous conclusions in that search which may be corrected at a later time. First eggs are good for you, then they are bad, then it depends.  Religion has also at times taught some things that needed correction later, ie… the earth is flat.

But science is essentially a search for truth, and as such, one available path for a person of faith, to a greater knowledge of the creator through knowledge of creation. Religion is also essentially a search to know the truth, and as such a path for a person of science to come to a better knowledge of creation through knowledge of the creator.

That leads me to believe that science and faith are not at odds with each other but are merely different facets of an imperfect lens through which we seek, in a finite and imperfect way, understanding of what is infinite and perfect.

It is unfortunate that as we seek a greater understanding of truth that so many people of science and faith cannot yet see that they have more in common than they have in conflict.



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