Posted by: matt25 | October 12, 2009

Science and Religion Both Seek an Understanding of Truth

In their pursuit of the truth, science and faith often articulate reality using what amounts to different “languages”.  In the video below Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics.  At the end he talks about the potential of this discipline and I couldn’t help but reflect upon Genesis and the power of the Word of God.  The revelation of creation, to the ancients in the Hebrew scriptures first story of creation, put it this way:

In the beginning… the earth was a formless wasteland… Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

And so the pattern continued, God “spoke” all into existence.  It should come as no surprise to believers that sound has many properties that science is just beginning to explore, even the ability to affect matter.  At least that’s the way it sounds to me.


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