Posted by: matt25 | June 22, 2009

Summer Break

As we pass though the year the seasons and our lives follow a natural rhythm and we should perhaps seek to adjust our daily routine.  The beauty of  summer in Western New York is that we have the opportunity to spend extended hours outside and enjoy seasonal activities.  For me it will range from the routine joy of time spent in my garden, to special events such as weddings, and picnic holiday celebrations.  There is also a list of items on my to-do list that has grown rather long and is best addressed in the warmer weather.  So the bottom line is… I am taking a vacation from blogging.  Before I do.  I’d like to thank you for reading and and offer a prayer that God will bless you and me and all whom we love with a summer that will be a joy, filled with renewal and healing, and building up in us all that we need to face the future as humble children of a loving God.  planting


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