Posted by: matt25 | May 9, 2009

The Next Age of Discovery- Coming Through the Past

“In a 21st-century version of the age of discovery, teams of computer scientists, conservationists and scholars are fanning out across the globe in a race to digitize crumbling literary treasures. In the process, they’re uncovering unexpected troves of new finds, including never-before-seen versions of the Christian Gospels, fragments of Greek poetry and commentaries on Aristotle. Improved technology is allowing researchers to scan ancient texts that were once unreadable — blackened in fires or by chemical erosion, painted over or simply too fragile to unroll.”

( to see the full article click here )

CYPRUS-BIBLE/This a very good thing.  In a race against the ravages of time, nature, and man a significant effort to preserve our ancient cultural roots is under way.  If I were reviewing a movie I’d say two thumbs way up, but the conspiracy theorist that lives in the back of my head (for future reference let’s call him Ron Howard-Brown) is quick to point out how digital information could be manipulated and used to nefarious ends.  I usually try to ignore Ron, however in this case he raises a valid question.  How is the integrity of digital records protected?

I am certain that if I were to dig a bit I would easily find multiple examples, in current news as well as history, of how individuals and groups have forged all kinds of documents, manuscripts, paintings, and artifacts in order to promote their purposes. So I hope as this very small army of unregulated groups spreads out across the ancient world in order to carry out this very worthwhile mission, that it will be handled with the highest level of integrity.  Ron and I take some solace in the fact that it is a Benedictine Monk rather than an Opus Dei albino who is doing the archiving.


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