Posted by: matt25 | March 23, 2009

Men Are a “Women’s Issue” 

Hey Mr President! What about a council on men & boys?

A council on men and boys could promote stable marriage as the best avenue to improve the lives and living conditions of America’s women and families, address the crisis in American manhood that results in the scourges of infidelity, divorce, lack of commitment and fatherhood with multiple partners. It could seek to eliminate the objectification of women in the media. It could battle our hypersexual culture by fighting against the “hook-up” mentality that defines the way young men view young women. And, most importantly, it could stamp out the violence against women that is encouraged by men’s widespread exposure and growing addiction to pornography.

Such a council could work to train a new generation of boys to become real men, who honor and uphold women as equals in the workplace, the community and the home — not because the government regulates such an attitude, but because it’s right.

Wait a minute… I just started to think about what such a council’s goals would be under the current administration and who would be hired to run it.  Forget I said anything.

Men Are a “Women’s Issue” | Catholic Exchange.


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