Posted by: matt25 | March 10, 2009

Catholic bishops angry over proposed law – The Advocate

Some are saying that the epidemic of big government must be contagious.  That after the new administration’s push to regulate everything from health care to child care, states are taking the initiative to expand government where it does not belong.   And that unfortunately for Christians in Connecticut, the latest target is the Catholic Church.

State Sen. Andrew McDonald (D) introduced a bill that empowers Connecticut to dictate how the Catholic Church controls its finances.  You can get the details from the article link below but in a certain sense they are not relevant.

On Sunday, church leaders across the state protested from the pulpit and urged their congregations to rally against the bill.   They believe the proposal is unconstitutional on its face. The very “Establishment Clause” that is so often used when some want to secularize government is the same provision that says government cannot control church management.  Once the state has its foot in the church’s door, it will be all but impossible to limit the government’s influence.  Of course proponents of the bill say that can’t happen as the measure also leaves to bishops and priests “matters pertaining exclusively to religious tenets and practices.”

Pretty broadly vague and troubling word there… exclusively.

Another troubling aspect of this proposal is that it singles out the Catholic Church.  This proposal appears to be prejudicial as well as unconstitutional on its face.   In airports, it’s unacceptable to isolate Middle Eastern passengers for security screenings because it’s considered racial profiling.  Where is this same concern over religious profiling? Americans need to see the trend.  It’s not politically correct to target any group–except Christians and especially Catholic Christians.

Maybe there does need to be a restructuring of the way money needs to be handled in Connecticut churches.  But that is not the issue here.  It is the backdrop to the real issue.  The real issue is that it isn’t up to the state to tell churches, families, or individuals how they are going to budget and spend.  That is well beyond the legitimate scope of governmental authority.

Catholic bishops angry over proposed law – The Advocate.


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