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Prayer For The Elections

Clearly there are many issues to sort through in the face of any major election.  And although there is no excuse for laziness in forming our consciousness with regard to how to vote, there is also a great deal of bombastic misdirection intended to confuse and paralyze any effort to seek the truth.  That is where prayer is vital.  Scripture tells us that it is the awareness of God that is the beginning of wisdom.  So to choose wisely the US bishops are calling us to prayer.
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US Bishops Urge Prayer for Elections

Release Novena for Faithful Citizenship

WASHINGTON, D.C., AUG. 20, 2008 ( The U.S. bishops are inviting Catholics to pray a novena for life, justice and peace ahead of the November elections.

The prayer, titled Novena for Faithful Citizenship, is available on the Web site of the U.S. bishops’ conference until the Nov. 4 elections.

Joan Rosenhauer, associate director for the U.S. episcopal conference’s Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, said that the special novena is part of “the bishops’ campaign to help Catholics develop well-formed consciences for addressing political and social questions.”

The bishops issued their statement on forming consciences for faithful citizenship in November 2007.

Helen Osman, secretary of communications for the conference, expressed hope that the novena could help “Catholics enter into prayerful reflection as they prepare to vote.”

Osman added that the bishops’ conference wants to support Catholics as they weigh pre-election issues and that “providing a prayer resource on the Web can help us focus on our common values and identity as Catholics.”

The bishops offer several options for praying the Novena for Faithful Citizenship. The first is to begin on Sept. 2 and pray for nine consecutive Tuesdays, up until the general election.

A second option is to begin the novena on any day of the week, whenever people gather, and pray on that day every week.

The novena can also be prayed on the nine consecutive days before the election, beginning Oct. 26, or on any nine consecutive days.

The bishops add, “Create any combination that works for you and your community — and feel free to pray the Novena more than once.”

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